WSPR #6: Getting in Gear

Alas, it’s been two months since I last posted a progress report. Not only that but there is scant little progress to report. I should make a habit of writing these anyway, to keep me accountable in some way, or at least keep a record of what I was working on and when.

It’s been a very dry month for writing and I don’t exactly know why. It’s very easy to blame the virus, as usual – it’s had a dominant effect on everything: my writing life, my social life, my health. But still, there’s also something internal that isn’t locking into place, something that hasn’t clicked for at least a little while.

There’s nothing to do for now but keep hacking and hope it gets better. I’m juggling a couple of fiction projects at the moment, and they’re honestly really fun worlds and stories to spend time with. Sometimes I suspect I need to take a step back and remind myself how much enjoyment I get out of spending time with these characters and these plots and settings, and treat it less like work and more like a good time.

Hopefully the next time I get around to writing one of these, I’ll have some more substantial progress to report. I’ll keep trying to try harder. If nothing else, I want this wlog to be something more than a litany of underachievement, and really get into the nuts and bolts of how I’m writing rather than when.

so long for now


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